Online reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook are more influential than ever on how search engines produce results. Good reviews are interpreted as TRUST in your business. Google wants to provide their clients the best overall experience. It makes sense that they would want to steer them towards trusted vendors. The ability to get first party reviews directly on your website enhances your online reputation. This significantly improves your ranking on search engines!

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What is the difference between
Local SEO Pro and Local Ultimate?

The Local Ultimate package includes all the benefits of 220 Local Pro

  • Generate first-party reviews on your website that are recognized by Search Engines

  • Manage your online reputation and responses across the most influential review sites

  • Quarantine bad reviews for 7 days so you can attempt to resolve issues

  • Work one on one with a 220 SEO & Reputation expert to maximize results

  • Only $129 per month with ZERO set up costs


How does having these reviews help me?

Puts you in control over your online reputation

Acquire more POSITIVE reviews

Improves placement on BOTH local & organic search results

Builds Trust in Search Engines and Consumers

Enhances your website’s Click Through Rate (CTR)

Over 80% of consumers consider online reviews equal to personal recommendations

Why does this matter?

Search Engines want to deliver the best results they can to their users. Because you have to have a user account to utilize review sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, etc, this lets Search Engines know this is someone's REAL opinion of your business. Having positive online reviews builds trust with Search Engines and Potential Customers.

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This creates a "Handshake" type of relationship with Search Engines because not only do you have a great website, and all of your directories communicating the same information, but it shows that you are CONFIDENT in the things people are saying about you and your business, that you are willing to post AND link to the reviews that people are leaving you. Good, bad, or indifferent.

This makes Search Engines Happy.



When you make Search Engines Happy,

Your website ranks higher. MUCH HIGHER.

We have an idea how this might make you feel...

Increase your chances of being found.