The Importance of Using Local Imagery on Your Website

It is no secret that quality imagery can make a website much more visually appealing. Additionally, websites that use images get more views than sites that do not. However, the images you choose to use on your website can have a significant impact on traffic, and even sales. When you use images on your website, especially local images, it creates an opportunity to connect with your users. In this article, we will cover the advantages of using local imagery on your website, as well as offer some additional tips on choosing the best images for your website. 

Advantages of Local Imagery 

If you are branding yourself as a local business, you can further emphasize this with the images you choose on your website. Generic stock photos make it difficult for users to quickly get an idea of your location and where you do business. A website that utilizes local images makes it clear to your visitors that you are a business focused on the local area that you are in. This helps establish your brand and will make your business easily recognizable with visitors from your area.


As a local San Diego company, photos of the beach resonate with our clients.

One of the biggest advantages of using local imagery is the ability to establish a connection with your visitors. When people visit your site and see local images of the city or town that they call home, it can create a feeling of comfort and even trust. As an example, San Diego has many small beach communities. An image of a family together enjoying a day on the beach will be relatable for many people. That image may remind people of the great times they have had during those family beach days and now your website is associated with those good memories. People are more inclined to work with someone they are comfortable with and that they trust. If you can create these feelings and emotions through imagery on your site, you have an advantage over competitors using stock imagery. People can recognize stock imagery these days because of how prevalent it is. Stock imagery does not resonate with people the way that local imagery can. 

Choosing The Best Images for Your Website 

Now that we understand the value of local imagery, it is important to look at a few other factors for selecting the images for your website. 

It should go without saying, but it is important to use high quality images on your website. If you find a local image of something you want displayed on your website, but it is poor quality, or you need to stretch and blur it to make it fit a certain area, do not use it. Using low quality, unprofessional images can make people think that you are unprofessional in everything that you do.  

You should also focus on the style and feel of your images. For example, if you are targeting homeowners in a mostly rural area, do not use an image of a downtown skyline just because it is a local city. Focus on finding images that your potential clients can relate to and that fit your brand.  


If you are unable to find quality images of your area, a local photographer can provide you with the images you need.

One issue you may encounter is finding local images that meet these exact requirements. There are free sites such as and that offer high quality images for free, but you may have to search quite extensively to find the right images. You can also take photos yourself. Cell phones have great cameras these days and you can take exceptional images using them. If you take this route, make sure the photo is free from distractions, it is crisp and not blurry, the lighting is good, etc.  

Another great solution is to consider working with a local photographer. A good local photographer can take images of exactly what you need, and they will ensure the photo meets the requirements above. You may even be able to get the photos for a minimal fee, if not free, for crediting all of their images on your website. It gives them a great opportunity to showcase their work in a professional setting and provides them with something new to add to their portfolio. This is a win, win for both your business and the photographer and your website will have a unique professional feel that no one else has!

If you are still using generic stock photos on your website, it is a good idea to think about updating them with quality local imagery. These images are important for your brand, connecting with your clients and target audience, and ultimately conversions and sales. If you are a local business and need advice on website images or design, the team of marketing experts at 220 Marketing can help you make the updates that you need to succeed!